Member of Union of Polish Art Photographers, agency Visum Archiv in Hamburg, Germany, agency Image Collection in Washington D.C., and American Society of Magazine Photographers. Specializing in press photography, he has had his photos published in the world's major magazines appearing in several dozen countries; Stern, Paris Mach, Geo Magazine, New York Times, Time, US News & World Report, Sunday Times, Fortune, Vogue, Elle, Zeit Magazine, Die Zeit, Focus,Welt Woche, Nieuve Revu, La Croix, La Vie, Famiglia Christiana, Capital.

He has also authored a number of books - including “Remnants, The Last Jews of Poland”; “Gypsies, The Last Once”; “ In Search of America”; “In The Centre”; “Astonishing Spain”; “A Stone’s Throw” - and has co-illustrated over a dozen collective works. His numerous individual exhibitions have been held in the U.S.A., Canada, Israel, Japan, Madagascar, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Poland. Winner of Polish and international awards for photography. For over twenty years, a regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine where 18 of his photo essays have been published. Teaches photography in Poland, the U.S.A., Germany and Italy.