July 8-15, 2012

Instructor: David Bathgate 
Don’t Just Document - Interpret What You See!

There’s a world of difference between “snapshots” and well-crafted “Photographs.”  Same as there are many layers between a visual document and a personal photographic expression of what lies before the lens.  The first is literal, the second a rich orchestration of all that the photographer IS.  The difference is aesthetic, frequently powerful and oftentimes profound.

Designed to emphasize the unique storytelling makeup of individual participants, this workshop is an exciting blend of example and lively discussion, keynoted by photographic forays onto the Hight Streets and into the traditional neighborhoods of one of the most culturally eclectic and vibrant cities in the world.

Come with minimalist equipment.  Istanbul is a crowded and hilly metropolis.  Comfort and ease of movement are assets to successful photo-making here.  Bring your laptop and a portfolio of personal best.  A critique session will place us underway - a comprehensive look at results will lie at workshop’s end.  Between you’ll begin to discover the YOU, behind the story told.

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