Photo Tours With Kemal Nuraydın

See the best of Turkey and Istanbul with private photography tours. These tours are designed for individuals who are interested in photography and also would like to discover less known, non-touristy areas of Istanbul and Turkey. It's a perfect opportunity to help you improve your photography in a short time. These tours will be most useful for 1 or 2 participants, but you can join as a small group too.

Depending on the day of the week we will be strolling around the big open air markets as well as very little known gypsy market, enter small workshops located inside Middle Age caravanserais, drink tea with locals, may join a local wedding, circumcision ceremony, photographing kids enjoying the small local entertainment park of the remote neighbourhoods or discover the most ethnically diverse and colorful areas of Istanbul.

Since it is not exactly for beginners you are expected to know how to use your camera. Although a 2 hours crash course on photography before the tour is possible. If you would like to take your photography and communication skills to the next step this is  a great opportunity to learn about the city, country and its people side by side with a National Geographic photographer who spent most of his life in Istanbul.

During these tours you will learn how to approach people to take their photographs and you’ll always get an instant help form your instructor, giving you ideas how to photograph and which equipment to use.

Different programs can be tailored all over Turkey and Middle East.

The tours can be taken for a minimum of 1 day in Istanbul and minimum of 3 days for the rest of Turkey. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information, appointment and pricing. Reservations are essential.

We are currently offering photo tours in Paris and Berlin also. More destinations are coming soon. Please enquire.

Important information: It is illegal to guide any kind of tours without a valid professional tour guide license given by Ministry of Tourism in Turkey after a long and rigorous training.You may face legal consequences if you hire someone that doesn't have professional tour guide license. Make sure your guide is legal before booking any kind of tours in Turkey.

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