Istanbul is probably the most interesting and lively metropolis of the world, a perfect blend of East and West. The city, divided by Bosphorus spawns on 2 continents, Asia and Europe.
With a population of about 15 million Istanbul is an amazing place for photographers. People are very friendly and very easygoing with being photographed, it will be an unmatched experience to discover this city that has a 8000 years of history according to latest archaeological discoveries. In Istanbul you can find anything you can imagine, rich history, friendly people, busy streets, pleasant islands free of traffic, forests, sea, fine restaurants an amazingly rich nightlife, the list goes on. It is one of the few places in the world where Western lifestyle can be observed alongside conservative Muslim communities..

Turkish cuisine is also a great experience, it is generally poorly represented abroad with Döner Kebab but, with the heritage of the Ottoman Palace and different recipes from every corner of the country it is something to be discovered. Especially the kind of mezes (cold appetizers) and desserts are indefinite.

Now you have the opportunity to bring your photography skills one step further by attending photographic workshops with major international photographers In a great location: Istanbul, Turkey.

The workshops will take place at Ayasofya Mansions, a group of restored traditional 19th Century Ottoman wooden houses converted to a very fine hotel. The hotel is situated on a small pedestrian street between Topkapi Palace and St. Sophia a 1500 year old Unesco World Heritage Site.

The instructors are well known professional photographers and editors who will dedicate a week of their time to the students, and will share their photographic techniques and personal experiences. The majority of the instructors will be chosen among present or ex-National Geographic photographers and editors and some other acclaimed professionals from the best International Photo Agencies.

During the workshop, instructors will examine the portfolios of the students, will give classes on technical and aesthetic matters will show their work and the students will produce new photographs with the help of the instructors. In some classes will also learn how to prepare a portfolio, how to produce pictures under difficult situations, preparing your own photo books etc. You should expect an extremely busy week during the workshops with shooting, editing, discussing and bringing your project together.

The aim is to help the students gain the qualities which are needed to become a good photographer in a short time.

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