Kemal is an amazing and inspiring person, who is so enthusiastic about life and all it has to offer. He is also a trained tour guide so he was able to give me so much information about the areas we visited and the places we saw…Kemal's language ability and knowledge of the area, made for some interesting shots. I learnt many lessons on this day, about my camera, about travelling, about photography and most importantly about myself. When travelling one has to really reach out and connect with local people to truly experience all that another place and culture has to offer.

Keryn Mitchell
Melbourne, Australia


We had the pleasure of having Kemal Nuraydin as our private photography tutor and tour guide for our entire family. What an adventure it was. Not only did Kemal take us to many places we would have never found, his thoughtful suggestions, guidance and critical review were invaluable. On top of it, Kemal is fun, he has a great sense of humor and is a really nice guy. We would unhesitatingly recommend Kemal. When we return to Istanbul (and we will!) we look forward to joining up with him once more for more adventures in your fascinating city.

Bob Zielinski,
Philadelphia, USA